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A Typical Filipino morning meal

Filipinos love to eat. An average Filipino eats nearby six times a day. We eat breakfast normally nearby 6-7 am, we have some snacks normally nearby 10am, lunch, more snacks at 3pm and finally dinner.

A typical Filipino breakfast is normally eggs, sunny side up; fried rice and any or all of the beloved Filipino breakfast staples: tocino or sweetened pork strips; tapa, a kind of beef jerky or tuyo, dried salted fish.

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These dishes are fairly easy to cook. They require only minimal cooking skills. Fried rice is normally recycled rice from the night before. It is just rice that has cooled, then fried in a puny oil with lots of garlic. Tocino and tapa, require a puny boiling, when they are soft, the water is normally drained and a puny cooking oil is added to fry the meat. Once it has started to caramelize, it is removed from the heat and served hot. Tuyo is normally washed to take off the excess salt and then fried in hot oil.

Filipinos are talkative in nature and even early in the morning the mood in the breakfast table is normally festive. breakfast is normally a time for mom to remind her house to be good in school, to come home on time and for dad to take it easy at work. Although most Filipino mothers work, they still find time to cook these easy fares for breakfast with the family.

Breakfast is a good time for the children to touch base with their parents too. Since both parents normally work and come home late when the children are about to go to bed, kids normally remind their parents of upcoming projects for school or ball games and parent instructor conferences during breakfast.

Other beloved Filipino breakfast dishes are: hotdogs, pork and beans, sardines normally in tomato sauce and corned beef. Since children's classes start early in the Philippines, normally nearby 7-7:30 in the morning, breakfast food is normally easy to prepare. And rice is normally eaten with anything viand there is.

Though it is not uncommon to find Filipinos eating cereals, oatmeal, toast or pancakes for breakfast, the tuyo, tapa and tocino will all the time be all time Filipino breakfast favorites. In some tables, a composition of a cooked and cold breakfast is even common. Mom may prefer oatmeal and fruit to her kids milk and cereal, and dad might opt for the cooked breakfast. It is also a frequent convention in most Filipino homes to eat pan de sal or bread while waiting for a cooked breakfast.

Filipinos assuredly believe to eat like kings during breakfast because this gives us more time to chat with each other and enjoy each other's company. It is a time to relax before beginning a long day.

A Typical Filipino morning meal

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